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Barbour Abi
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Research executive

Barbour abi is part of ubm uk division and is based at cheshire oaks. it is a centre of sales excellence for ubm, having developed customer best practice, robust processes for key account management and for driving sales performance over recent years. it comprises of several key functions: our research team who build our barbour abi and office moves construction intelligence data products our new sales team who sell barbour abi, office moves and barbour product search our client management team who support our customers in using our service our media team who sell a portfolio of advertising packages across print and digital media, working on building and bd the premier brands in construction media today. the role in this particular role, we are looking for a new member of our research team to join barbour abi, to research current construction projects to a high level using the telephone, internet and other communication sources. key activities: collecting construction intelligence from industry professional...
06 marzo 2018 - 12:00
 Barbour Abi   Jobsxl

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