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Maintenance supervisor

Who are we a pioneer of organic home delivery, abel & cole is a brand famous for seasonal organic fruit & veg. since 1988 we've built close relationships with other brilliant organic pioneers in order to deliver a wide range of fantastic organic food to people's homes across much of england. we represent a refreshing alternative to supermarket shopping, but without being worthy or preachy. no air freight, no silly packaging, no nasty chemicals just great food produced by people who really love what they do. we deliver to around 40,000 households and we employ nearly 600 great people. we consider ourselves bold, irreverent, genuine, friendly and honest, and it is crucial that this comes across in everything we do. role summary reporting to the site services manager it will be your responsibility to help ensure that production here at abel & cole runs smoothly. leading a team of 5 you will execute effective troubleshooting and planned preventative maintenance routines to prolong the useful life and optimise ...
17 ottobre 2018 - 23:00
 Abel & Cole Ltd   Jobsxl

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