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Production supervisor

abatec are currently seeking a production supervisor for a manufacturing company based in highbridge. as a production supervisor your general duties will include; receiving and checking production packs prior to commencing job and refer to your manager where information has been omitted or requires clarity. ensuring that the team works accurately to drawings, to the desired quality and within appropriate time scales. working to the production schedule, assist colleagues and monitor productivity against targets, identifying potential production issues and communicating these to your manager. providing guidance to colleagues in all aspects of the production process. reinforcing standards in the team and across the shop floor including production quality, stock control process, tidiness and cleanliness and compliance with health & safety protocols. proactively identifying training needs amongst the wider team and communicate to your manager so these can be recorded and addressed. communicating any concerns with ...
21 febbraio 2018 - 18:00
 Abatec Ltd   Jobsxl

EMAIL company  Abatec Ltd Get this research page company:"Abatec Ltd" via email


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