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Business development manager dach (media/influencer

Business development manager dach media/influencers cologne, germany50,000 euro to 70,000 euro bonus/commissionmy client is the fastest growing technology platform that connects influencers from all over the world and they are looking for a talented and highly organised business development manager dach, who will be responsible for forging effective relationships with brands, media-, creative-, digital-, and pr agencies. someone who can provide business development service and ensure effective management.currently they operates all over the world and they cooperate with over 350,000 influencers and work with the biggest brands from the fortune 500.since 2016 they have conducted more than 1200 campaigns for the world's largest brands coca-cola, mcdonald s, l'oreal, electrolux and many more in 70 markets. they cooperates parallel with media houses and advertising agencies from around the world in order to carry out effective global campaigns on instagram, facebook, and they are startup of...
24 aprile 2018 - 14:00
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