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Advanced social worker - adults team - calderdale

Advanced social worker - adults team - calderdaleour client in the calderdale area is looking for an advanced social worker to join the adults services. you will mainly be working with older people, learning disabilities and physical disabilities.your main job duties will includeholding a complex caseload of older people and disabilitiesdeputising for team managerconstructing care plans and packages to meet the needs of service users and carerspurchasing services to meet assessed needs, seeking the appropriate authorisation from the budget holderto carry out needs led assessments of adult within the guidelines of community care actcare managing complex cases including safeguarding adults and deprivation of libertyco-ordinating and reviewing multi-service care packagesworking in partnership with service users and carers using a person-centred approach, with the aim of maximising independence, well-being and choiceattending and participating in meetings regarding service users, e.g. case conferences, network me...
23 giugno 2016 - 11:00
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